Fabio Cavalli

Fabio Cavalli is a philanthropist. He develops new ideas, new concepts, new patents, disruptive innovations, and business models that can help humanity live a better quality of life.

Before his interest in philanthropy and art he was an active businessman, designer and inventor. He is best known as the founder of mondoBIOTECH.

Through mondoBIOTECH he was widely recognized as a charismatic pioneer of the rare and neglected diseases. In 2009 he took mondoBIOTECH public on the Swiss Stock Exchange with a market capitalization of more than 2,4 billion Swiss francs. He then left mondoBIOTECH to create, together with his wife Vera, a foundation researching chronic inflammation in rare diseases.

Fabio made a commitment with the Clinton Global Initiative to revolutionize healthcare through the development of a new predictive, personalized, preventive, participatory, and public model that introduces profiling for enhanced well-being.

Fabio has established other successful start-ups in real estate, leisure, sport, design, and information technology. From mountain bike company SBIKE, to GHOST snowboard, from sport shoos to fashion. He has a great passion for sports and flying; he was rally champion in 1982, an endurance racer, snowboarder, kite surfer, jogger, and biker.

Fabio flies helicopters and PC 12 airplanes. He is married to Vera, a pharmacist with expertise in researching rare diseases, and they have two children, Francesco and Valentina.